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i really need to post more

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Apr. 12th, 2012 | 08:09 pm
mood: tired tired

had a nice day today, met a friend for lunch, fitted a skirt design on her in the pub toilets (classy yeah), then went shopping.

Got my Jeffrey Campbell Litas, the three ‘The Hunger Games’ books (with original covers, because they are so much nicer!), some new foundation and some leggings.

Then took Inky to Pets at Home to get him a new harness, and a little raincoat.

Now sitting here, really tired, ordered pizza like a fat lazy slob. All i want to do is put my pjs on later, snuggle up in bed, watch Rammstein videos, the end of insideous, and catch up with The Walking Dead.

What i NEED to do, is get working on some etsy orders. Think im going to have to dedicate the whole of tomorrow to sewing leggings, before Peachy takes me out for dinner! 

How did i get so busy all of a sudden?

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