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Mar. 23rd, 2012 | 01:47 pm
mood: happy happy

its such a nice day today.
its really sunny, no wind, not overly warm. a perfect spring day.
Peachy made me breakfast this morning, scrambled eggs and bacon. that was a nice suprise!
I took inky for a long walk. He is getting better and better when he is outside, not trying to pull on the lead constantly, but walking next to me :)
I just posted off my blackberry to some mobile buying site, they said they will buy any working phone, and i got quoted £52. Here's hoping i get the full amount!
I got my first ever contract phone yesterday! Im so excited! I love being able to call people whenever i want! haha
Im going out tonight again, on my own the same as last week. Not planning to meet anyone in particular, i had an amazing night out last week, so im hoping tonight is the same :)

i just felt the need to blog about this, so i remember :)

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